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A complete range of fibre optic SMA905 coupled sampling accessories is available from us.

These sampling accessories can be divided into different categories, depending on the intended application..

  • Power adapters and battery packs
  • Cuvette holders, available in 5 different types:
  1. Standard 10mm optical pathlength for UV/VIS/NIR absorption measurements
  2. 10mm path length with one side port under 90 degrees for fluorescence applications
  3. 10mm pathlength with 2 light paths for dual channel spectroscopy and fluorescence measurements
  4. Variable pathlength 0-100mm for strong absorption or low absorption measurements
  5. Direct attached cuvette holders to connect directly to SMA coupled light sources. These cuvette holders are especially
    usefull for fluorescence applications.
  • Integrating spheres, available in 2 types:
  1. Irradiance for measuring radiometric and photometric quantities of LED’s and other light sources.
  2. Reflection for measuring colour parameters of object surfaces, such as L, a, b, hue, Chromaticity 
  • Inline filter holders and TTL-controlled shutters
  • Inline fibre optic attenuator
  • Fiber Optic Multiplexers
  • Optical table mounts for collimating lenses
  • Flow cells for different types of applications:
  1. In-line absorption measurements and process control 1/2” and 1/4” with 5/10mm pathlength.
  2. Micro flow cells for low volume, high pressure and HPLC applications.
  3. Long path flow cells for very low-absorption measurements.
  • White reflective material to be used as a reference material for reflection measurements (for example colour applications)
  • Power supplies for lights sources and accessories
  • Battery packs and trigger boxes
Power Supply Units
Power Supply Units
The PS-12V/24 VDC Power adapte...
Battery Packs for Spectrometers & Light Sources
Battery Packs
The 12V battery pack is especi...
External Trigger Box
AvaTrigger External Trigger Bo...
The AvaTrigger is a trigger so...
Cuvette Sample Holders
Cuvette Sample Holders
Direct Attach Cuvette Holders
Direct Attach Cuvette Holders
The CUV direct attach cuvette ...
Variable Pathlength Cuvette Holders
Variable Pathlength Cuvette Ho...
The CUV-VAR-UV/VIS cuvette hol...
Integrating Spheres
Integrating Spheres
Integrating spheres generally ...
Variable Collimating Lens Holder
Variable Collimating Lens Hold...
The Variable Collimating Lens ...
Optical Post Mount
Optical Post Mount
The OPM Optical Post Mount con...
Fibre Optic Switch
Fibre Optic Switch
The In-line Fibre Optic Switch...
In-Line Fibre Optic Attenuator
Fibre Optic Attenuator
The variable in-line attenuato...
In-Line Filter Holder
In-Line Filter Holder
For applications where just an...
Fibre Optic Multiplexer
Fibre Optic Multiplexer
The Fibre Optic Multiplexer is...
Fibre Optic Process Flow Cells
Process Flow Cells
The Fibre Optic Process Flow C...
In-Line Flow Cells
In-Line Flow Cells
The in-line flow cells have be...
Micro Flow Cells
Micro Flow Cells
The micro flow cells are Z-c...
Long Path Flow Cells
Long Path Flow Cells
The LFC was developed to measu...
White Reference Tiles
White Reference Tiles
The WS-2 white reference tile ...