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Introducing AvaSoft

Introducing AvaSoft

AvaSoft is the software package to control all the Avantes spectrometer products under Windows 95/98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP and the most recent O/S Vista.

AvaSoft software was developed in 1996 to support an ever increasing demand of data processing applications for spectroscopy.

Since 1996, official updates have been released at least annually with many new features and options.

The newest version, AvaSoft 7.0 was released in early 2006 and now supports the new AvaSpec-USB2 platform of spectrometers.

In the following paragraphs, the different AvaSoft software packages are presented:

  • AvaSoft-Basic  - for controlling the Avantes spectrometers, making basic data acquisition, save and display data in scope, transmission, absorption and irradiance mode.
  • AvaSoft-Full  - adds many options to the Basic version, such as history channel functions, auto-calibration, external triggering, etc. 
  • Application add-on are only available in combination with AvaSoft- FULL software for colour measurements, irradiance, chemometrics, oxygen measurements, process control and Export to Excel (XLS).
  • Stand-alone AvaSoft software packages for pre-configured spectrometer systems, such as AvaSoft-Raman for the AvaRaman system, AvaSoft-FOM for full integration of the Fibre Optic Multiplexer and AvaSoft-Thinfilm for the AvaThinfilm measurement system.
  • Dynamic Linking Library (DLL) interface packages with functions for basic spectrometer control, colour measurements and LED measurements. 


The most recent release of AvaSoft can be downloaded free of charge from the Avantes website after you have logged in.

The downloaded AvaSoft for AvaSpec package can be used by customers who already have an AvaSpec spectrometer and want to upgrade their software version, but also by anyone who wants to try out the AvaSoft-FULL version and/or add-on applications. If AvaSoft is started without an AvaSpec spectrometer connected, it will switch automatically to a simulation mode, in which all the features of AvaSoft-FULL and add-on applications (colour, irradiance, chemometrics, process control, excel output) are available.

For further information and assistance, please contact us.

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