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Anglia Instruments Ltd was established in 1984 and is a reliable supplier of low-cost, modular, fibre optic spectroscopy systems that usually include spectrometers, light sources, application software and fibre optic probe or other measurement accessories.

This modular approach presents a vast number of potential applications that can utilise these technologies, and enables users to configure systems to measure chemical compositions, gather non-invasive medical data, measure colour/physical properties and quantify irradiance in the ultra-violet, visible and near infrared regions of the spectrum.

The flexibility afforded by fibre optic sampling enables an unlimited number of applications for spectroscopy in many disciplines and industries.  The measurements enabled by our instruments and systems are used to facilitate research, quality assurance and inline process control.

We receive enquiries for new, not tried before applications everyday. Given the number of truly colourful possibilities, Anglia Instruments is well suited to assist you with advice, product selection and/or test of the correct system setup for your application.



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